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About Us

"My goal in life is to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am"


Hi, I'm Gila, and welcome to Beverly Hills K-9  Sanctuary, where every dog feels at home.

Our beautiful home is a fun and safe environment  for your fur babies,and there is plenty of room to roam and play!

We are a family of 4 so you'll  be sure to know that your dog will receive lots of love and attention. 

There's even a great yard out back with it's own red fire hydrant, a sparkling pool and a cabana that will make make your dog feel like he is on a REAL vacay !

We'll be happy to take your dogs on long walks in our quiet neighborhood, and give them all the love they deserve :)

Dogs are welcome on furniture & sleep with us, unless otherwise requested.  

We have beds & crates for your convenience.

We are able to administer oral medication upon request & have experience in injecting insulin

We have plenty of experience with senior and special needs dogs, so please consider us for your dog's next getaway!


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Give your pet a vacation!

It can be stressful to board your pet. If you have any questions or concerns about how we make your pet's home away from home, please reach out. We will get back to you soon!


Beverly Hills 90210

(310) 569-5550